Does running a central AC unit cost more if it runs all the time and not working?

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The AC unit in our house is currently not cooling or heating and my roommate is under the impression that it doesn’t cost any money to operate while the air is just flowing and no heating or cooling is going on, while at the moment it is set to cool. He doesn’t believe a work I say so I need to input of anyone else. Thank you very much

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  • Jackson says:

    Yes it costs more than not running it. I could also cause a simple fix into an expensive fix. Turn it off until you can get it looked at.

  • David W says:

    Of course it costs; the blower, at least, is using power all the time it runs. If the compressor isn’t running at the same time, the bill will be lower, but you’re still using power. Use a floor or ceiling fan to circulate air (not to cool it) until you can get the AC fixed; it’s a lot cheaper.

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