How do i increase the push of my furnace?

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I have a old furnace 1977 running well but its seem i don’t have to much eat coming out of any vent ?
what i would need to do to increase the push of my blower? I have a 1/2 hp motor on the fan right now .. if i use a bigger motor is at gone help me ? I was thinking probably to clean the duck too..

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  • gr8music at qtrtilldawn says:

    Yea a larger fan motor would help, but it will just blow more air, unless the heat can keep up, it will be just cold air.

    Cleaning the ducts and checking them for leaks is always a good thing to do. Grab a roll of that silver tape to make sure there is no leaks.

    I close down the kitchen and dining room vents to make it blow harder in the bedrooms.

    Without replacing your system, for a couple hundred dollars US, you can have a tune-up clean done by a professional, good idea on such an old system.

  • Just guessing says:

    Get a furnace installer to look at it. Cleaning the ducts will not increase the air flow much at all and it costs a lot. Make sure that all the air intakes are clear and the filter is clean before you do anything.

  • Corky R says:

    There are several things you can do yourself to make sure you have the maximum air coming out of the fan/blower assembly. First, make sure your filter is the correct one for your furnace and then make sure it’s clean. Many older furnaces have a squirrel cage blower wheel to deliver the actual airflow, these things collect dirt and dust and eventually get hard to turn so they take more energy, plus with all the gunk on each little blade, they don’t move as much air as they should. About the only way to clean this thing is to remove the whole thing from the furnace and take it somewhere that you can wash the squirrel cage down with a forced water spray, preferably a power washer. Actually, a car wash sprayer would work too. You may have to scrape some of the blades, so you should also take some sort of scraper.
    The size of your motor doesn’t matter much as far as the volume of air the blower puts out. A 1/4 HP motor turns at the same speed as a 1/2 HP motor. What could help would be a larger pulley on whatever motor you do have. There’s also a pulley which can be adjusted to make a smaller "V" groove in the center, to make a larger or smaller pulley in effect. You can change speeds that way just by adjusting the opening in the pulley. If all else fails and you have some areas of the home that are quite a distance away from the furnace, there are small ductwork fans available. They fit right inside the duct and then clamp back together. I’m pretty sure they can be rigged to come on only when the furnace calls for heat.

  • Derek says:

    I agree with corky, and do not install a larger hp motor than what the furnace came with, because these motors require a load to come to rpm, if you install a larger motor it will actually overamp cause there will not be enough load to get the amps of the motor in specifications, never increase the hp without proper cause, you will burn up a perfectly good motor.

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