How much does it cost to finish a house with just frame and roof?

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We are looking at an unfinished house with only the frame and roof finished. It’s about 4000+ sq.ft, not including the basement. The exterior is also unfinished (no driveway, no deck/porch, no landscaping). The house is in forclosure and selling for 220K, but the other houses in the neighborhood range from 500K to 700K. How much would it cost to finish the house, and would this be a good investment? We are willing to put roughly 150,000 towards finishing it with above average features…is this realistic?

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  • woodtick314 says:

    4000 sq. ft.? No way you finish that for $150K. You’re looking at wiring, HVAC, plumbing, insulation, drywall, paint, trim, flooring, siding, and all of your site work-concrete, landscaping. Plan on $250-300K to finish. That may be a little high, but it will leave you some money to help furnish it. Have you considered the property taxes on this place? They will tax you on the assessed value, not on what you paid. While you are getting a deal to an extent, it’s still a lot to think about. Hope this helps.

  • pinkone says:

    Personally, I would work out what you think it costs and then double it.

  • jilldalee says:

    Depends wherein the country this house is located. But if you’re in the South florida area I highly recommend you speak to Mike at Americon Restoration Inc.

  • pissy_old_lady says:

    Woodtick is correct. There is no way you will finish 4000 sq ft for $150000 let alone with upgrades…not realistic at all.

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